Film Round-Up: The Angry Birds Movie 2, Long Shot and Tolkein

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3 min readAug 25, 2019

Let’s review some movies!

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Considering this movie, and the first one a few years back, are just as much a cash grab as The Playmobil Movie was, you may be expecting a similar anger from me. But actually, the first movie was alright and this is much the same thing. It’s got a very cliched story as Red has to team up with old foe Leonard the pig to save both of their islands from a new villain and it has many of the themes and messages you’ve seen in a lot of other movies of this type. But it never feels like an advert for the mobile game, it’s incredibly colourful and energetic and made me laugh much more than it had any right to. I know a self-respecting critic shouldn’t laud too much praise on the movie adaptation of a mobile game but it does get a lot right and I feel children will love this. Heck, you might get a kick out of it too.

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Long Shot

Seth Rogen ends up dating Charlize Theron. If that’s already unbelievable, Theron is a Presidential candidate. This is a fairly typical Rogen comedy, though it is pretty solid. Rogen and Theron have enough chemistry to make this relationship believable and the skits aren’t too embarrassing to watch. Some jokes fall flat but there’s a solid hit rate here meaning you aren’t waiting too long Admittedly, seeing Rogen try to get political is akin to seeing a toddler try to fight a shark, it’s something that shouldn’t be happening and someone should have intervened before it got to this situation. His answer to the turmoil going on across the world is that we need to be ideologically pure and that compromise is a dirty word because otherwise your teenage self would be disappointed in you. This is not the smartest view in the world, even if it is shared by some Twitterfolk. But other than that, this is an ok comedy to watch on Netflix when you’re bored.

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The life story of Tolkien who would go on to write The Lord of the Rings. This movie is the reason this Round-Up exists for because if I was trying to do 800 words on this, I would be padding more than the end of The Return of the King. There is nothing particularly wrong with the movie, the acting is decent and the movie is intriguing enough you do stick with it. But there’s nothing particularly right with it either. Nothing ever registers on the Richter sale, nothing ever stands out and it doesn’t do anything of particular interest. Everything throughout is alright. So if you want to watch an alright depiction of Tolkien’s life, sure, here you go.

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