Film Round-Up: Prey, Luck and Samaritan

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3 min readNov 17, 2022



Naru is used to deadly predators threatening the Commanche Nation, but not the sort of predator that has just landed on Earth. Oh my god, this is awesome. While I actually liked The Predator, there’s like me and three other guys who do, I can agree that it was time to do something very different with the series. And this is definitely different. Instead of a macho marine, we get a female native American in colonial times looking to prove herself. And instead of guns and military equipment, we get bows and arrows versus the Predator. And it’s awesome. The female lead means an intriguing battle with the Predator, series lore states the Predator never attacks a woman unless she attacks him, and the different weapons leads to new action scenes. These scenes are then awesome, which is why I love this film. It’s brutal, bloody and makes the Predator the coolest they’ve been since Arnie was fighting them. I love this movie and I can’t wait to see what this franchise does next.


Sam Greenhouse is the unluckiest person in the world, and ends up in the world of luck as she tries to help a fellow orphan find a forever home. You may know John Lasseter, one of the key men at Pixar and director of Toy Story. You may also know that he was so much of a pervert when at Pixar that people were hired to try and stop him being a pervert. He’s now been kicked out of Pixar and this is the first film he has made since. Turns out, he left his talent back at Pixar because this is a pale attempt at trying to replicate the magic. This has a clunky script which feels like it still had the placeholder lines from the first draft. The animation is as basic as it gets and the jokes are weaker than week old fizzy drink. Some animated films are still good enough to at least appeal to the kids on the basis it’s energetic and lively, but this is often languid and slow as it attempts to try and hit the same emotional levels Pixar films do. If the girl from Inside Out was watching, she’d get a new emotion of boredom after seeing this.


The Samaritan and the Nemesis are two superpowered rivals who both died in one final battle. However a young boy is convinced that the Samaritan lives. It turns out that writing this review a day after watching it was a mistake as this film was so forgettable I barely remember anything about it. What I can remember is that even though this film was released before Black Adam, it feels like an absolute rip off. A young kid idolising a superhero and then giving him tips when he finally emerges? Yep, that feels very familiar. This ends up being really slow paced as it wants you to really want some superhero action but what you get was being outshined by the CWVerse shows, never mind what we get with Disney+ nowadays. It just feels like a very cheap way at trying to get in on the superhero trend.



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