Film Round-Up: Happy Death Day 2U, John Wick — Chapter 3: Parabellum and Cold Pursuit

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3 min readMay 20, 2019

Time to round up some movies I’ve seen recently!

Happy Death Day 2U

Tree ends up back in the time loop and another dimension and has to work out how to get out while constantly being killed. So yes, we get a sequel to the Slasher Groundhog Day and while it may seem like it just repeats the first movie again in a lazy method, it actually shifts the genre. This is now a horror comedy and surprisingly, it works. Because of a bunch of charismatic actors and a lively script which has a lot of fun mocking the concept, the movie is a breeze to watch. It makes you laugh a lot more than you’d expect and Jessica Rothe is definitely a star of the future. This is one of the few cases where I think the sequel is actually better than the first one.

John Wick — Chapter 3: Parabellum

Hell yeah! The John Wick franchise has always been awesome but they really amped it up for this one. In this one, John Wick is being chased by every assassin in the world after breaking the rules and he has to survive. It’s incredible. The action is awesome to watch with all the scenes being well choreographed and hard hitting. One early knife fight scene is stunning to watch and makes Keanu Reeves seem like the greatest fighter in the world, which he might be in fairness. I love the lore of these movies too so seeing more of that unfold is great to watch even if it is very silly. The sound mixing is also superb as every gunshot feels like it’s ricocheting behind your ears. This is my personal favourite in the series and I cannot wait to see more.

Cold Pursuit

Liam Neeson’s son is killed in a drug war so he goes on a rampage to kill everyone involved. This sounds like a bit of a Taken rip-off but instead it’s something completely different from anything you could have expected. The movie what comes to mind when watching this is Fargo, especially because of the snowy environment and dark humour which surrounds the deaths. For a while it’s hard to tell if this movie is trying to be deadly serious with accidental humour or if it is trying to funny. That’s because it takes a while to have the odd sort of dark humour as if they only decided to have it in the movie until later on in the script. It’s an interesting attempt to be a Coen movie which doesn’t compare to them but it is still one worth watching if you like dark humour.



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